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Item Description

Product Description

Rubber CZPT Timing Tansmission Belt

It is primarily used in factories, mines, docks, metallurgical sector, regular mechanical CZPT transmission, excellent CZPT processing of grains like rice and wheat, irrigation tools, wooden slicing and agriculture.


Merchandise classification
– Classification:28 OZ(ounce), thirty OZ(ounce), 32OZ(ounce), 34OZ(ounce) and 36OZ(ounce).
– Lower edge flat rubber belt: Minimize edge flat rubber belt is manufactured by adhering several levels of total width canvas collectively, the sides of the belt are sufaces formed by slicing, the belt edge surfaces are coated with rubber paste.

– CZPT edge flat rubber belt: Spherical edge falt rubber belt is folded by the outer ply or plies of canvas, and the sides of the belts are curved surfaces.

Flat transmission belt is a frequent flat rubber belt, also named transmission belt, usually utilizes higher-top quality cotton canvas as its skeleton layers.

Our Rewards

(1)Generation Method

We are a professional maker of conveyor belt merchandise, CZPT manufacturing unit has 10 supporting creation lines, much more than sixty looms, we have sturdy creation capability.

(2)R&D And Quality Management Program
We have a merchandise R & D and technical administration group, and established two rubber laboratories, including substance take a look at, method take a look at, compound take a look at and finished merchandise check. Flame retardant laboratory has alcoholic beverages blowtorch, propane  Vulcanization instrument, scorch examination device, electron microscope.

(3). Timely supply
We have excellent products management and shipping and delivery management, we preserve a CZPT -term very good relationship with freight forwarders to make sure well timed shipping and delivery.

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Company Profile

ZheJiang CZPT CZPT CO.,LTD  is a professional conveyor belts supplier.

Making use of its CZPT sources,Respower develops various conveyor belts types this kind of as EP/NN belt, Steel Wire belt, Chevron belt (far more than 40 styles), Sidewall belt, Tough CZPT belt, White belt or other shades belt, Warmth/Oil Resistant belt, and so forth. for the CZPT industry. Respower also invests a lot of sources on conveyor belts administration and providers, aiming to supply CZPT term and sustainable options for its CZPT er

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Roller: A normal pulley has a slot for a belt, chain or cable. A reel is a wider pulley frequently utilized in cable programs, permitting the cable to be wound close to many occasions the diameter of the reel.
china Cheap Rubber Industrial Timing Tansmission Belt manufacturers