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Merchandise Description

PU Timing Belts Collection

1. Categories: CZPT sort, jointed unlimited belt, genuinely countless belt.

2. Text:

A)Specification: XL, L, H, XH, T5, T10, T20, AT5, AT10, AT20, 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M

B)It CZPT strengthened by steel wire main or kevlar core at alternative

C)All versions teeth CZPT protected with CZPT material. All things CZPT jointed unlimited.

D)Created of thermoplastic polyurethane resources with higher put on resistance

E)In the large-load transmission is nonetheless keeping great loading capability

F)Opening belt CZPT steady size, the middle and the sides are with parallel wire core

G)Aging resistance, water evidence, working temperature -30º C to 80 º C, can endure maximu 110º C in brief time, can be mixed with other thermoplastic resources.

H)Difficult to be hydrolyzed, anti- acid, UV resistant, not ageing, hugely resistant to oil, anti-grease.

3. Application:

Broadly employed in computer embroidery equipment, beverage machinery, shade glass and ceramics generation and processing machinery, textile machinery and products industries. Its framework is with CZPT metal cord or copper wire reinforced and with substantial strength, lower extension, great bend efficiency and the very good characteristics of the load force.

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We can make all kinds of PU timing belts, broadly utilised in the device of ceramic business, Textile industry and so on.

Item Pitch length ( MM ) Thickness (MM) a(MM) b(MM) Angle
XL five.08 2.three one.27 one.03 fifty
L nine.525 3.6 one.9 40
H twelve.7 4.three 2.29 two.01 40
XH 22.225 eleven.two 6.35 4.85 40
T5 5 two.2 1.two one forty
T10 ten four.five two.five two 40
T20 twenty 8 five 3 forty
AT5 five 1.two 1.5 50
AT10 10 4.five two.5 two 50
T20 twenty eight five three 50

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china Cheap Rubber Timing Belt, Rubber Synchronous Belts (H) manufacturers