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customizable CZPT Transmission Belt All Dimension Htd Std Rpp
Item Description:

The synchronous belt with tooth with tooth mesh to transfer CZPT , it is a new kind of synchronous transmission mode.And, Goods do not require lubrication ,no slip ,no pollution, considerably less noise The transmission performance of more than ninety eight%, velocity ratio range can get to 1:ten, Let linear velocity can be up to fifty m/s, transmission charge from hundreds of tile to hundreds of kw, nonetheless use numerous spindle generate.

Item dynamic bending wind give performance and fatigue functionality are good, Ozone very good overall performance, but also has growing older heat resisting abrasion attributes

Bodily and mechanical homes

Type 3M 5M 8M 14M 20M
Double synchronous belt peak
three.20 5.30 eight.twenty 14.90 21.twenty
Single synchronous belt peak
two.40 three.80 6.00 10.00 thirteen.20
Tooth height       ht 1.22 2.06 three.38 six.02 8.forty
Pitch              Pb 3.00 5.00 eight.00 14.00 20.00
Tooth apex CZPT le   ra .87 1.forty nine two.forty six 4.50 6.50
Fillet radius     rr .24~.30 .forty~.forty four .sixty four~.seventy six 1.twenty~1.35 one.77~2.01
Dedendum width      S one.seventy eight three.05 5.fifteen 9.40 14.00
Tooth profile CZPT le
14° 14° 14° 14°  14°
Area zenith distance  δ .381 .572 .686 one.397 2.a hundred and sixty

Character: WuTong synchronous belt’s positive aspects are transmission and conveyor of substantial performance, very good heat resistance and substances resistance, excellent shock resistance, transmission without having noise, great static conductivity and flexing overall performance.

Function: It is the same with the doing work circumstances of substantial CZPT and pace, vast center distance, substantial temperature and transmission precision. For case in point, automobile, tobacco, equipment, textile, chemistry and many others…Specially, products for export, improved and kinds of new gear.

Type: Module synchronous belt, arc tooth synchronous belt, special synchronous belt, synchronous belt for vehicle and double sided synchronous belt.

Merchandise characteristics:ridded  belt  each the advantages of each V belt , of both the belt of the soft and  flexible, and V zone the benefit this sort of as compact and productive.

Movable Pulley: A pulley that rotates and translates in accordance to the motion of the pulley or belt. This is usually utilized in blocking and deal with systems, which I will explain afterwards.
china Cost Customizable Timing Belt, PU Synchronous Belt, Industrial Belt/Transmission Belt manufacturers