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Item Description

Item Description

— Outstanding dynamic curve overall performance
— Crack resistant
— Ozone resistant
— Anti-ageing
— Heat resistant
— CZPT r resistant


Belt entire body: substantial high quality artificial CR rubber
Reinforcement: excellent top quality fiberglass wire
Belt tooth: protected by highly dress in resistant nylon elasticfabric


Double sided timing belt
Double sided timing belt can be divided into two varieties:
— DA with symmetrical tooth
— DB with staggered tooth

Timing belt sleeve
Peak: 450mm
MOQ: 1 sleeve
Sleeve reducing device is CZPT



timing belt


Pitch Booth adge Base tooth
Tooth top Fillet Suggestion Belt
enamel number range Pitch duration
Pb 2y° s hg rr ra H
  MXL 2.571 40 1.fourteen .fifty one .thirteen .thirteen 1.14 43~2044 87.38~4153.41
XXL three.175 50 1.seventy three .seventy six .20 .twenty 1.52 forty six~124 146.05~393.70
XL 5.085 two.57 one.27 .38 .38 two.three 22~510 111.seventy six~2590.eighty
L nine.525 40 4.sixty five 1.ninety one .51 .51 3.6 23~530 219.08~5048.twenty five
H hundred six.12 two.29 one.02 1.02 4.3 29~440 368.thirty~5588.00
XH 22.225 twelve.57 six.35 1.fifty seven one.57 11.2 fifty three~220 1177.93~4889.50
XXH 31.750 19.05 nine.fifty three 2.29 2.29 56~one hundred forty four 1778.00~4572.00
T2.5 two.5 40 one.fifty .70 .two .two 1.3 42~312 105.00~780.00
T5 five two.sixty five 1.20 .4 .four 2.2 thirty~400 150.00~2000.00
T10 ten five.thirty two.50 .six .6 4.five 34~536 340.00~5360.00
T20 twenty 10.15 5.00 .eight .8 eight. sixty one~181 1220.00~3620.00



timing belt


Pitch Booth adge Base tooth
Tooth top Fillet Idea Belt
teeth variety range Pitch duration
Pb 2y° s hg rr ra H
3M three 14 one.78 one.17 .24-.thirty .87 2.4 35~1000 one zero five.00~3000.00
5M five three.05 two.06 .forty-.44 one.49 3.8 35~852 a hundred seventy five.00~4260.00
8M 8 five.15 three.36 .sixty four-.76 2.46 six. 36~565 288.00~4520.00
14M fourteen 9.40 six.02 one.twenty-1.35 four.50 ten. fifty six~340 784.00~4760.00
20M twenty 14.00 eight.forty one.seventy seven-2.01 6.50 thirteen.20 100~260 2000.00~5200.00



timing belt


Pitch Base tooth
Tooth top



Fillet Suggestion Belt
enamel amount assortment Pitch size
Pb s hg rbb rr ra H
S2M two 1.3 .seventy six one.three .20 .20 one.36 44~1914 88.00~3828.00
S3M 3 1.ninety five 1.fourteen 1.95 .30 .thirty 1.94 41~500 123.00~1500.00
S4.5M four.5 two.93 one.seventy one 2.ninety three .45 .forty five 2.eighty one forty~201 one hundred eighty.00~904.fifty
S5M 5 3.25 one.ninety one three.25 .fifty .fifty three.41 30~560 one hundred fifty.00~2800.00
S8M eight 5.twenty 3.05 five.20 .80 .eighty five.thirty 53~five hundred 424.00~4000.00
S14M fourteen nine.10 five.thirty 9.10 one.forty 1.forty 10.2 sixty nine~322 966.00~4508.00




timing belt


Pitch Bottom tooth
Tooth top Belt
teeth amount assortment Pitch length
Pb s hg H
P2M 2 one.thirty .73 1.three 56~612 112.00~1224.00
P3M three 1.ninety five one.09 2.1 thirty~621 90.00~1863.00
P5M five 3.twenty five 1.81 three.6 36~400 180.00~2000.00
P8M eight five.20 two.90 five.five forty~550 320.00~4400.00
P14M fourteen 9.fifty 6.00 10. sixty nine~327 966.00~4578.00




Business Data

Q1.Can I have a sample buy for Timing belt?
Sure, we welcome sample buy to take a look at and verify good quality. Blended samples are suitable.
Q2. What about the guide time?
one) 2–3 times for sample
2) 20–thirty days for mass production. If urgent,we have CZPT channel.
Q3. Do you have any MOQ limit for V belt purchase?
Low MOQ, 1pc for sample examining is CZPT
This autumn. Is it Alright to print my brand on V belt item?
Of course. Make sure you notify us your brand or design and style prior to mass manufacturing
Q5. How to promise your top quality?We are a single of the top suppliers of CZPT CZPT Belt firm over years. Exceptional top quality is effectively acknowledged.
Please get in touch with us for far more details.                        

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china Cost Rubber PVC Silicone PU Auto Motorcycle Transmission Parts Fan Conveyor Synchronous Tooth Drive Pk Timing V Belt manufacturers