china Cost Rubber Synchronous Belts manufacturers

Product Description

Character: WuTong synchronous belt’s rewards are transmission and conveyor of substantial performance, good warmth resistance and chemicals resistance, good shock resistance, transmission with out noise, good static conductivity and flexing overall performance.

Purpose: It is the same with the functioning circumstances of high CZPT and speed, wide center distance, high temperature and transmission precision. For case in point, car, tobacco, machinery, textile, chemistry and so on…Specially, tools for export, improved and varieties of new tools.

Variety: Module synchronous belt, arc tooth synchronous belt, unique synchronous belt, synchronous belt for car and double sided synchronous belt.

Actual physical and mechanical properties

Type 3M 5M 8M 14M 20M
Double synchronous belt top
three.twenty 5.30 8.20 fourteen.90 21.twenty
One synchronous belt height
2.forty 3.eighty 6.00 ten.00 thirteen.twenty
Tooth height       ht one.22 two.06 three.38 six.02 eight.forty
Pitch              Pb 3.00 five.00 eight.00 14.00 twenty.00
Tooth apex CZPT le   ra .87 one.forty nine 2.46 four.fifty 6.50
Fillet radius     rr .24~.thirty .forty~.forty four .sixty four~.76 one.20~1.35 1.seventy seven~2.01
Dedendum width      S 1.seventy eight 3.05 5.fifteen 9.40 fourteen.00
Tooth profile CZPT le
14° 14° 14° 14°  14°
Segment zenith distance  δ .381 .572 .686 1.397 hundred sixty

In a compound pulley system, there is the two a movable pulley and a mounted pulley. This signifies that not only does the load “feel” lighter, but you can also modify the direction of the drive. Even though this type of configuration can move hefty masses really very easily, it comes at the cost of demanding very a bit of motion to do the job.
china Cost Rubber Synchronous Belts manufacturers