china Custom PU Guide Belt Aramid Fiber Cord PU Timing Belt manufacturers

Merchandise Description


Ideal for positioning program, wood industry, textile equipment, glass industry, stone and marble sector, packaging sector, tobacco industry, paper and carton sector, chemist and pharmaceutical industry.


Good measurement steadiness
Reduced noise
Large anti-wear capability
Good elasticity

Technical specs:








T2.five two.5 .seven 1.six
T5 five 1.two 2.2
T10 ten two.five 4.five
T20 twenty five eight
AT5 5 one.2
AT10 ten 2.5 four.five
AT20 twenty 5 8
H twelve.7 2.29 four.29
XH 22.225 six.35 eleven.two
L nine.525 1.91 three.sixty one
XL 5.08 one.27 2.three
3M three 1.21 two.4
5M five 2.1
8M eight three.38 five.six
14M 14 six.1 ten
S3M three one.14 2.nine
S5M five one.eighty five 3.35
S8M eight 3.05 5.3
S14M 14 five.three 10.2
RPP5M 5 two.05 3.8
RPP8M 8 3.two five.4
RPP14M 14 five.eighty five


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A movable pulley is a pulley in which when you shift a large object, the drum moves with it. There is no change in the course of the power you need to apply, but the load will “truly feel” lighter than it actually is. For case in point, if you might be hauling a large hay bale up the barn’s attic, a moveable pulley will make the load come to feel a great deal lighter, even though you are pulling in the identical route.
china Custom PU Guide Belt Aramid Fiber Cord PU Timing Belt manufacturers