china factory Automotive Pk Belt, Ribbed V- Belt, Timing Belt (6PK1000) manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Variety and Measurement of PK Belt/Poly V Belt


Kind Rib Section Angle of Rib Belt Width Belt  Thickness Rib Quantity Length Variety MOQ
3PK three.56 forty 10 four.eight three five hundred-5000mm 90pcs
4PK three.56 40 thirteen.six 4.eight 4 five hundred-5000mm 66pcs
5PK 3.56 40 17 4.eight five 500-5000mm 54pcs
6PK 3.56 40 20.7 four.eight 6 five hundred-5000mm 44pcs
7PK 3.fifty six forty 24.3 4.8 7 five hundred-5000mm 38pcs
8PK 3.fifty six forty 27.eight 4.8 eight 500-5000mm 33pcs
9PK three.56 40 31.four four.8 9 500-5000mm 28pcs
10PK three.fifty six 40 35 four.eight ten 500-5000mm 26pcs
12PK three.fifty six 40 forty two.five four.eight 12 500-5000mm 23pcs
15PK 3.56 forty fifty three 4.eight fifteen five hundred-5000mm 18pcs

Structure of ribbed Belt

  Purpose Substance
The dealt with polyester cord is a lower stretch large
power rigidity member able to withstand shock
hundreds on drives with fixed facilities
Polyester/Aramid Fiber
Long donning, oil resistant, fibre-loaded neoprene
rubber is utilized in the ribs to give assistance for the
rigidity member and to transmit the masses to the pulley
Bias ply kind fabric backing resists cracking and
provides abrasion resistance
oil and warmth resistant rubber is employed to bond the
tension member to the relaxation of the belt

Goods Exhibit

. Thousands of moulds CZPT . MOQ is primarily based on one mould amount
. ISO/TS16949 quality certificate
. Warranty: 100000kms-150000kms
. We could supply a whole sequence of vehicle PK belts, accept CZPT

Solution Description
. Excellent overall flexibility
. High CZPT transmission efficiency
.Diminished noise
. High grade engineered rubber
. Longer provider life
.Temperature assortment from -50ºC to +120ºC
.Oil, heat,ozone and abrasion resistant


Q1.  Can I have a sample buy?
        Yes, any sample get is welcomed to know the good quality of CZPT merchandise.

Q2.  What about the direct time of the sample or the final order?
        2-5 times for typical sample.
        20-30 days for a formal purchase.

Q3. How a lot is the least quantity for each item in 1 purchase?
       One mould amount is alright. Typically close to 50pcs for tiny product, 10pcs for large item. 

This autumn. Is it possible to print CZPT emblem or manufacturer on the belt?
       Yes, we can print your symbol or layout on the belt after receipt of your official authorization letter of the logo or your brand.

Q5. Do you offer the guarantee for your item?
       Yes, usually we offer you one particular 12 months warranty for all of CZPT products.

We are the rubber solution factory HEYI RUBBER Co.,Ltd, we have strong technological power,sophisticated production
technologies and refined creation equipment.

Function Place


Freja, Liu

Incorporate:  Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. County CZPT Park, HangZhou Town, ZheJiang Province 

In a twin pulley method, this ratio is equivalent to the reference diameter of the output pulley being greater than the reference diameter of the input pulley. It truly is reasonably easy as prolonged as you estimate the equipment ratios for a more intricate pulley method step by action. For a number of pulleys, the ratios of the a variety of parts of the system should be calculated to establish the general ratio. In the picture over, the reference diameter of the reduced generate wheel is 20mm, the radius of the higher wheel is 40mm, and the ratio is 2:1. 2 spins on the decrease wheel and 1 spin on the higher wheel. The equipment ratio also tells us one thing about the torque of the method because the ratio of output torque to input torque is equal to the gear ratio. Therefore, the torque applied to the upper wheel is 2 times as fast, but the speed is halved.
china factory Automotive Pk Belt, Ribbed V- Belt, Timing Belt (6PK1000) manufacturers