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Solution Description

The transmission of synchronous belt is a new transmission method and transmits the dynamic torce by the meshing of the belt enamel and pulley, lt combines respective benefits of gear transmission,chain tramission and transmission.

Benefits of making use of timing belts
Lower noise operation
No require of lubricant 
Stop skidding 
Conservation of fuel and great economy
Tremendous-higher mechanical efficiency


Curvilinear Tooth Profile 

Sort Type Pitch Pb(mm) Tooth height ht(mm) Belt thickness HS(mm) Particulars


2M two .75 one.36 Specifics
3M three one.seventeen two.4 Information
5M five two.06 three.eight Specifics
8M eight three.36 6.00 Particulars
14M 14 six.02 10.00 Particulars
20M twenty eight.four 13.20 Details


S2M 2 .seventy six one.36 Details
S3M 3 one.14 2.twenty Particulars
S4.5M four.five 1.seventy one two.81 Particulars
S5M 5 1.91 three.four Details
S8M 8 3.05 five.3 Specifics
S14M fourteen 5.three ten.two Particulars


2M two .76 1.36 Particulars
3M 3 one.15 one.nine Details
5M 5 1.95 three.5 Particulars
8M 8 3.two 5.5 Details
14M 14 six.00 10 Information


Raw Contents: CR,HNBR

No. Title Operate Substance
one Top CZPT Protect the linling tensile member CR HNBR
two Tensile CZPT Core content to pass the dynamic pressure Glass Filber
3 Teeth CZPT Safeguard the tensile member and maintain the shape of the rubber CR HNBR
four Enamel Cloth Sustain the form of the adhesive Elastic Cloth

T variety CZPT Timing Belt

Sort Pitch
Pb (mm)
Tooth peak
Ht (mm)
Belt thickness
HS (mm)
Angle β ° Particulars
MXL two.032 .fifty one one.14 40 Specifics
XL five.080 one.27 two.30 fifty Details
L 9.525 one.ninety one 3.60 forty Information
H 12.70 2.29 4.30 forty Details
XH 22.225 6.35 eleven.20 forty Particulars
XXH 31.750 9.fifty three fifteen.70 40 Information
T2.5 two.5 .seven 1.thirty forty Details
T5 five one.20 two.20 40 Particulars
T10 10 two.50 4.fifty forty Specifics
T20 twenty five.00 8.00 forty Particulars
AT5 five one.20 2.70 fifty Information
AT10 10 two.50 five.00 fifty Details
AT20 twenty 5.00 9.00 fifty Particulars


Movable Pulley: A pulley that rotates and translates in accordance to the movement of the pulley or belt. This is usually used in blocking and deal with techniques, which I will explain later.
china factory Unique Design V-Belt Making Machine Adjustable V Belt New Timing Belt manufacturers