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Item Description

HTD timing belt
1. Low noises, NO slippage
2. High transmission CZPT
three. CZPT r Out Resistance
4. No require to primary

Timing Belt Sorts
MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH, HTD, T2.5, T5, T10, T20, AT5, AT10, AT20, 2M, 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M, 20M, S2M, S3M, S4.5M, S5M, S8M, S14M, RP2M, RP3M, RP5M, RP8M, RP14M
Open up Belts
one. CZPT Ended Timing belt—-infinite CZPT or joined countless variety.
2. CZPT en twine is stainless metal, and Kevlar for your reference.
three. Introducing CZPT cloth on tooth for all sizes
four. All dimensions can be jointed into endless belt.
Mechanism Home
– Steady Dimension
– Low Pull Drive
– Little Noise
– CZPT r Out Resistance
– No need to sustain
– Exceptional Elasticity
– Precise Line
– CZPT linear CZPT can attain 80M/sec.

Chemical Residence
– Anti Ageing
– Anti CZPT lyze
– Anti UVA,
– Anti-Ozone
– Operating Temperature: -30° C~+80° C The CZPT . Degree within brief time can up to +110° C
– Anti-oil and anti-ester
– Anti acid, alkaline resistance
– Combined with other thermoplastic supplies

Our timing belts are composed of closed round rubber, with enamel and attached belt or pulley. When functioning, teeth and trough are in harmony and one particular motion will lead to transmission of enamel, chain, and belt. We can make most Korean and Japanese car timing belts, as well as CZPT pean timing belts. We use large top quality uncooked resources such as Neoprene rubber, glass fiber wire, nylon cloth imported from the Uk and Japan.

Sort Pitch Tooth top Belt Thickess Angle
MXL two.032 .51 one.14 40°
XXL three.175 .seventy six one.52 50°
XL five.08 one.27 two.three 50°
L nine.525 1.91 3.six 40°
H twelve.7 two.29 four.three 40°
XH 22.225 six.35 11.2 40°
XXH 31.75 nine.35 40°
T2.five two.five .7 1.three 40°
T5 5 1.two two.two 40°
T10 ten 2.five 4.five 40°
T20 20 five 8 40°
AT5 5 1.two 50°
AT10 10 two.five five 50°
AT20 20 five eight 50°


Loafer: A pushed wheel that does not transmit electrical power by way of a shaft. It spins freely, and most pushed pulleys are related to other products, this kind of as wheels or drives, via driveshafts.
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