china near me shop H Shape Timing Belts in Different Size for Glass Straight Line Processing Edging Beveling Machine manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Glass wonderful grinding, for Shape Grinding Machine & straight line beveling pencil/flat/OG device.

Suitable FOR:
Glass,security glass,tempered glass,architectural glass,frosted glass,patterned glass,Insulated glass,laminated glass,glass brick,optical glass,Vehicle CZPT ,photo voltaic glass

Diamond cup wheels are great adaptability, use-resistant, and sharpening performance. It Is a sort of sprucing wheel installed in straight-line edge, straight-line beveling facet edge, straight-line double aspect, and multi-useful grinding machine. Produced from high adaptable macromolecule, silicon carbide, and cerium oxide. Obtaining good flexibility, use-resistant, and sharpening efficiency.

For the grinding wheel, we could offer you:
10S type polishing wheel
 SD variety sprucing wheel
 X3000/X5000 variety sprucing wheel
BK sort sharpening wheel
Cerium sort sprucing wheel
CE3 type sprucing wheel
spiral felt wheel

Description Of Wheel Specification
10S40/60/eighty/one hundred twenty 150x70x40 130x60x35
130x60x27 (for max fifty/sixty/80)
125x22x35 (for Schiatti)
X3000 150x70x30 150x70x40 170x70x30
X5000 150x70x30 150x70x40 170x70x30
CE3 150x70x40 W30 150x22x40 W30 150x50x40 W30 150x70x30 W30 150x50x40 W20
9R40/60/eighty 150x70x40 150x50x40 150x22x15/twenty/25/thirty 200×22/90×15/20/twenty five/30
BD 150x12x30/35/forty
Black CZPT Wheel 100×12/50×40
100x11x45 (For Bavelloni equipment)
Spiral Felt Wheel 150x70x40
Different measurements for CZPT ers, pls make contact with us for more requirements

Configuration of wheels:

one Rough diamond wheel Φ150×12 a hundred two-2.2KW
two Refine diamond wheel Φ150×12 240 2-2.2KW
3 Front arris resin wheel Φ130×12 two-1.5KW
4 Front arris 10S40 wheel Φ130×60×35 two-1.5KW
5 Back arris resin wheel Φ130×12   two-1.5KW
6 Back arris 10S40 wheel Φ130×60×35 two-1.5KW
seven Flat resin wheel Φ150×12 240 two-2.2KW
8 Flat 10S40 wheel Φ150×70×40 2-2.2KW
9 SD001 wheel Φ150×70 2-2.2KW


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china near me shop H Shape Timing Belts in Different Size for Glass Straight Line Processing Edging Beveling Machine manufacturers