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Merchandise Description

SMT CZPT Components 212-S2M-ten Black CZPT Timing Belts

Area of Origin ZheJiang , CZPT (Mainland)
Brand name Title Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.
Product Amount 212-S2M-10
MOQ 1 piece
Shipping  Rapidly air transprot: UPS DHL EMS TNT and Fedex

Associated items:

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Organization Data
ZheJiang CZPT CZPT mation Gear Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises with research, manufacturing, offering. CZPT ing on laser equipment, CZPT Products and CZPT -normal automatic tools. At present, CZPT firm’s outstanding elites with more than ten years of operate knowledge in this field. At Current, primary offer you Nozzle cleaning machine, CZPT marking equipment, CZPT chopping device, CZPT welding machine, Security checking concentrating device, AOI detecting equipment, X-RAY, Steel mesh cleansing machine, BGA rework station, 3D paste thickness gauge, CZPT solder paste mixer, Reflow checker, Feeder instrument calibration, SMD components counter, PCB up and down board machine, Solder paste printing device, CZPT .

About Bundle & Shipment 
1. Carton Dimension : 18cm * 10cm * 10cm 
two. Carton Measurement: 21cm * 17cm * 17cm 
three. Carton Dimensions: 40cm * 20cm * 25cm 
four. CZPT ized dimensions

2. CZPT :
  1). We ship to entire world broad
  2). Most orders ship in 1~7 days following payment
  3). Product transported from CZPT mainland utilizing airmail by EMS, DHL, TNT or CZPT Kong post,
     we settle for the CZPT er’s shipping ask for

Our business discounts in the following products:
one.SMT tools and add-ons: CZPT Feeders, Smt nozzles, CZPT feeder parts, Yamaha feeder storage cart, nozzle filter, THK grease gun, NSK grease, THK lubricant, CZPT bearing, CZPT motor, Samsung cylinder, Juki sensor, Yamaha belt and many others.
2. Nozzles & feeders for fuji, for Juki, for Yamaha, for Samsung, for CZPT , CM602, CM402…have huge stock.
three. CZPT Nozzle cleaning equipment, SMD ingredient counter, PCB reducing device, CZPT chopping device, CZPT welding equipment, CZPT solder paste mixer, Reflow checker, PCB up and down board equipment, Solder paste printing equipment, CZPT .
four. We offer and recycle utilised smt equipment.


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china near me shop SMT Spare Parts 212-S2m-10 Black Rubber Timing Belts manufacturers