china sales Heat Insulation Felt Timing Belt manufacturers

Solution Description

                                                    Heat Insulation Felt Timing Belt

This high temperature timing belt is ideal for larger profiles of 1 or two cooling mattress. Its biggest feature is not skid, smooth transmission. Paste with a specific strategy to make it more durable. Timing Belt Adhering to Felt Utilizing the most recent technology, the timing belt and the felt are scorching-melt molded together. The PU glue penetrates into the felt completely, which solves the challenging dilemma of easily separating with the glue and has very good flexing and flexing resistance.

Solution specification:

Product identify Higher Temperature Timing Belt
Uncooked materials Substantial temperature felt belt + PU timing belt (very hot soften bonding)
Resistance of temperature 600ºC / 480ºC /280ºC /180ºC
Duration 1900mm – 22000mm
Width 20mm – 1300mm
Thickness of felt 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm
Product HTD 14M / H / T10
Feature Robust adhesion, not effortless to different, strong pressure, no skidding, tiny noise.
Scope of application Extrusion production line(2500T – 10000T)

Info sheet:

Product Pitch(mm) p Depth(mm) Thickness(mm) s The tooth bottom width(mm) e
HTD 14M 14 10
H 12.7 2.29 four.3 four.65
T10 ten 2.five 4.five 5.3


Timing Belt we have two kind:
Solitary layer of polyurethane also referred to as PU CZPT urethane Steel Timing Belt
Technological Parameters:
one Pick CZPT ,PU Bonding or felt bonding for space temp.Conveyor
2 PU seamless steel framework timing belt
Bonding kind with felts(Timing belt can be pasting with different thermal resistance felts or sizzling melting)
Timing Belt felt only employed in the cooling table of large device,It can avoid timing belt from stretching and slipping effectively.

Our assure:
Our item will in no way look fluff, tear, off the web, delamination, scales, deviation, elongation, deformation, aluminum pollution and other phenomena

Our provider:
Your inquiry regard to CZPT merchandise will be replied inside of 24hours
Nicely-trained & skilled workers are to response all your inquiries in English of course
Functioning time:8:30am-6:00pm, Monday to Friday
OEM&ODM assignments are highly welcomed. We have robust R&D crew right here to support
Your company romantic relationship with us will be private to any 3rd party
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china sales Heat Insulation Felt Timing Belt manufacturers