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Item Description

Product Description

Industrial synchronous belt(  S8M-1120 )

Industrial synchronous belt drive is a new transmission mode that use meshing amongst tooth of belt to have impetus to function.

They can be used in textile sector, mild sector, chemical business, market electrical appliances, machinery for transferring CZPT .



             Chroprene CZPT (CR), CZPT Fiber, Material or other individuals (as CZPT er’s need)

Trapezoidal Tooth Profile

T kind    CZPT Timing Belt

Type Pitch
Pb (mm)
Tooth peak
ht (mm)
Belt thickness
hs (mm)
Angle β ° Information
MXL 2.032 .fifty one 1.fourteen 40 Specifics
XL five.080 one.27 two.30 50 Specifics
L 9.525 1.91 three.60 40 Particulars
H 12.70 2.29 four.thirty 40 Specifics
XH 22.225 six.35 11.twenty 40 Specifics
XXH 31.750 nine.fifty three 15.70 40 Particulars
T2.5 two.five .seven 1.30 forty Details
T5 five one.20 2.twenty 40 Information
T10 ten 2.50 four.50 forty Details
T20 20 5.00 eight.00 40 Particulars
AT5 five 1.20 2.70 fifty Information
AT10 10 two.50 five.00 50 Particulars
AT20 20 five.00 nine.00 50 Particulars

Curvilinear Tooth Profile

Variety Variety Pitch Pb(mm) Tooth top ht(mm) Belt thickness hs(mm) Details


2M two .75 1.36 Details
3M three one.seventeen 2.4 Specifics
5M 5 two.06 three.8 Details
8M eight three.36 6.00 Details
14M fourteen 6.02 10.00 Particulars
20M twenty eight.four 13.20 Information


S2M two .seventy six 1.36 Details
S3M 3 one.14 2.20 Specifics
S4.5M four.5 1.71 two.81 Information
S5M five 1.91 3.four Particulars
S8M 8 3.05 five.3 Particulars
S14M 14 five.three ten.2 Information


2M two .seventy six 1.36 Information
3M three one.fifteen 1.9 Specifics
5M 5 one.ninety five 3.5 Details
8M eight three.two 5.5 Details
14M fourteen 6.00 10 Details

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Firm Details

 Our business was established in 1984. We have specialised in industrial rubber timing belts, automotive timing belt, variable-pace belts, poly-V belt, double-side teethed belts, reducing V-belt, flat belt and pulley with CZPT very own brand. And timing belt and pulley have passed national specialized appraisal given that 1987.We are the greatest and best factory which manufacture all kinds of large good quality driving belts. The yearly output is 8 million all varieties of driving belts and four hundred thousand pulley. The items are sold to 30 provinces and 1000’s of firms in domestic, and export to CZPT Asia, Center CZPT , CZPT ica, Japan and other areas. We have established the income center at ZheJiang (ZheJiang CZPT Synchronous Belt Co., Ltd) and department companies at ZheJiang & HangZhou respectively to increase industry and receive hundreds of CZPT ers.
The firm is the national medium-sized company and wins provincial “Higher-tech CZPT “, “Superb CZPT of CZPT nological Progress”, “Spark Product CZPT ” and “Management Model CZPT “.

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Roller: A regular pulley has a slot for a belt, chain or cable. A reel is a wider pulley commonly utilised in cable programs, permitting the cable to be wound close to several occasions the diameter of the reel.
china sales S8m-1120 Industrial Rubber Timing Belt High Quality manufacturers