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Merchandise Description



The teeth knowledge of double-sided timing belt are equivalent to solitary-sided timing belt. According to the enamel arrangement standard, it can be divided into two varieties: DA-duplex belts with two symmetrical tooth and DB-duplex belts with staggered teeth on two areas.


Variety W T Dimensions Pitch size mm Enamel no.
D-XL .508 3.05 196XL-1970XL 497.84-5003.8 98-985
D-L .762 4.58 203L-1988L 514.35-5048.twenty five 54-530
D-H one.372 five.95 670H-2500H 1701.8-6350 124-five hundred
D-XH two.794 fifteen.49 700XH-2275XH 1778-5778.5 eighty-260
D-XXH 3.048 22.11 700XXH-2625XXH 1778-6667.5 fifty six-210
D-T2.5 .6 two. T2.5*five hundred-*5000 500-5000 two hundred-2000
D-T5 1. three.four T5*500-*7000 500-7000 a hundred-1400
D-T10 2. seven. T10*500-*7050 500-7050 50-705
D-T20 three. 13 T20*1700-*7000 1700-7000 85-350
D-AT10 2. seven AT10*500-*7000 five hundred-7000 50-seven-hundred
HTD-DA-3M .seventy six 3M-501-5571 501-5571 167-1670
HTD-DA-5M one.143 5.26 5M-500-7000 500-7000 50-1400
HTD-DA-8M 1.372 8.seventeen 8M-512-6880 512-6880 sixty four-860
HTD-DA-14M two.eight fourteen.eighty four 14M-1750-6860 1750-6860 a hundred twenty five-490
HTD-DA-S8M 1.372 7.48 S8M-512-6880 512-6880 64-860


DA-400XL-050 indicates that DA kind is of double sided toothed. four hundred is the belt duration, and 050 means .5inch width. 


Q1.  Can I have a sample purchase?
        Yes, any sample buy is welcome to know the top quality of CZPT goods.

Q2.  What about the lead time of the sample or the last buy?
        2-5 days for regular sample.
        20-30 days for a official buy.

Q3. How significantly is the bare minimum quantity for each merchandise in one buy?
       One mould quantity is ok. Normally close to 50pcs for modest product, 10 pcs for massive merchandise. 

Q4. Is it attainable to print CZPT emblem or brand name on the belt?
       Yes, we can print your emblem or design and style on the belt right after receipt of your official authorization        letter of the emblem or your model.

Q5. Do you offer you the guarantee for your solution?
       Yes, usually we offer you a single yr guarantee for all of CZPT goods.


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china shop Double-Sided Timing Belt Synchronous manufacturers