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Item Description

Organization Profile

ZHangZhoug INJ transmission methods Co.,ltd situated in HangZhou, ZHangZhoug province,was launched in 2003. We are a professional supplier of domestic and imported transmission belts. We have very good experience and technologies in stoneceramicwoodtextilestobaccologisticsfirecrackersmedicineglasssteelautomotiveelectronicsbeveragesspicespaperprintingcable. Welcome all CZPT ers to make contact with us any time to investigate and negotiate.

Belt: CZPT -good quality neoprene (CR)as the primary raw supplies(imported from Japan)
Skeleton components: CZPT Fiber(imported from Janpan)
Tooth surface: Nylon 66 large

Product Attributes
*1: CZPT -performance aspect and severe tensile energy
*2: Extraordinarily resistance on cold & heat (-40ºC-120ºC), oil and ozone
*3: Excellent growing older-resistance and abrasion-resistance
*4: Slip-free transmission and low sound

Solution Description

Toothed wedge belts are commonly employed in the transmission technique of flour mills. Its outer circle is a timing belt, and its inner circle is a multi-ribbed belt, which can eradicate the deviation of the pulley. It has exceptional bending overall performance, minimal sounds, accurate transmission ratio and performance. The traits of high CZPT , substantial CZPT , strength conserving, no want for lubrication, will not trigger lubrication air pollution, so it is specially suitable for foodstuff, paper and textile machinery.

Kind Source Attribute
T5 T10 T20 AT5 AT10 AT twenty
HTD:2M 3M 5M 8M 14M 20M
STS:S2M S3M S4.5M S5M S8M S14M
one. Company leading goods with more than 4000 moulds.
two. Chopping or supply sleeve according to CZPT er’s requirement.
3. Anti-static, oil, warmth-resistant,reduced temperature resistance ect.

Home of Timing Belt

Check Product Check Result
Tension strength (≥KN/25.4mm) .59-ten.8 (in accordance to types)
Elongation (≤ % ) 4. (all sorts)
Loading (KN/twenty five.4mm) .49-8.sixty four (according to types)

Frequent Requirements and Types

HTD5M 350-HTD5M-25 RPP5M 420-RPP5M-twenty five STD8M 1552-STD8M-12PK
four hundred-HTD5M-25 RPP8M 1760-RPP8M-34PL 1552-STD8M-14PK
425-HTD5M-25 1200-RPP8M-24PK(eighty five) 1552-STD8M-16PK
HTD8M 1080-HTD8M-24PK 1200-RPP8M-28PK(100) 1552-STD8M-16PK(fifty six.ninety six)
1200-HTD8M-12PL 1250-RPP8M-24PK(eighty five) 1552-STD8M-30PK
1200-HTD8M-24PK 1280-RPP8M-24PK(85) 1552-STD8M-30PK(106.8)
1200-HTD8M-24PK(85) 1368-RPP8M-24PK(85) 1552-STD8M-36PK
1200-HTD8M-28PK(100) 1368-RPP8M-48PK 1552-STD8M-60PK
1280-HTD8M-24PK(85) 1400-RPP8M-28PK(a hundred) 1600-STD8M-12PK
1368-HTD8M-24PK(85) 1440-RPP8M-24PK(eighty five) 2400-STD8M-36PK
1400-HTD8M-28PK(100) 1440-RPP8M-28PK 2800-STD8M-11PK
1440-HTD8M-12PK 1440-RPP8M-28PK(one hundred) DPL DPL1760-28PL
1440-HTD8M-24PK(85) 1440-RPP8M-36PK DPL1765-22PL
1440-HTD8M-28PK 1440-RPP8M-48PK DPL1765-26PL
1440-HTD8M-28PK(one hundred) 1520-RPP8M-28PK(100) DPL1765-28PL
1440-HTD8M-48PK 1552-RPP8M-28PK DPL1965-22PL
1520-HTD8M-28PK(100) 1600-RPP8M-24PK DPL1965-26PL
1552-HTD8M-30PK 1600-RPP8M-24PK(85) DA DA-1400-STD14M-120 
1600-HTD8M-12PK 1760-RPP8M-12PK DA-1400-HTD14M
1600-HTD8M-24PK(eighty five) 1760-RPP8M-15PK DA-1200-HTD8M
1680-HTD8M-12PK 1760-RPP8M-16PK DA-1200-HTD8M-one hundred
1760-HTD8M-12PK 1760-RPP8M-18PK DA-1400-HTD8M
1760-HTD8M-21PK(75) 1760-RPP8M-21PK(75) DA-1400-HTD8M-100  
1760-HTD8M-24PK(eighty five) 1760-RPP8M-24PK DA-1440-HTD8M
1760-HTD8M-28PK(one hundred) 1760-RPP8M-24PK(85) DA-1600-HTD8M
1760-HTD8M-36PK 1760-RPP8M-26PL DA-1600-HTD8M-100  
1760-HTD8M-36PK(128) 1760-RPP8M-28PK DA-1680-HTD8M
2000-HTD8M-12PK 1760-RPP8M-28PK(one hundred) DA-1760-HTD8M
2000-HTD8M-28PL(one hundred) 1760-RPP8M-36PK DA-1760-HTD8M-a hundred
2248-HTD8M-16PK 1760-RPP8M-36PK(128) DA-1920-HTD8M
2800-HTD8M-16PK 1760-RPP8M-48PK DA-2000-HTD8M-one hundred
HTD10M 1760-HTD10M-25PL 2000-RPP8M-28PL(a hundred) DA-2000-HTD8M-150
1760-HTD10M-25PL(118) RPP10M 1760-RPP10M-17PL DA-2000-HTD8M-eighty
1760-HTD10M-34PL 1760-RPP10M-17PL(79.9) DA-2400-HTD8M   
1760-HTD10M-34PL(160) 1760-RPP10M-21PL DA-2400-HTD8M-eighty five
1880-HTD10M-34PL 1760-RPP10M-25PL(118)  
HTD12M 1740-HTD12M-34PL 1760-RPP10M-26PL
1740-HTD12M-34PL(one hundred sixty) 1760-RPP10M-27PL
1848-HTD12M-34PL 1760-RPP10M-30PL
1848-HTD12M-34PL(160) 1760-RPP10M-34PL(159.8)
1884-HTD12M-34PL(160) 1760-RPP10M-34PL(one hundred sixty)
HTD14M 1778-HTD14M-29PL 1880-RPP10M-17PL
1778-HTD14M-29PL(137) 1880-RPP10M-34PL
  RPP12M 1740-RPP12M-15PL
1740-RPP12M-34PL(a hundred and sixty)
1848-RPP12M-34PL(one hundred sixty)
1884-RPP12M-34PL(a hundred and sixty)
RPP14M 1778-RPP14M-29PL

Curvilinear Tooth Profile 

Equipment code Kind Pitch(mm) Tooth top(mm) Belt thickness(mm)
HTD 3M 3 one.22 2.forty
5M 5 two.06 3.eighty
8M 8 3.36 6.00
14M 14 6.02 ten.00
20M twenty eight.forty thirteen.twenty
STPD/STS S2M 2 .76 one.36
S3M 3 1.fourteen one.ninety
S4.5M 4.five 1.seventy one two.eighty one
S5M five 1.91 three.forty
S8M 8 three.05 five.30
S14M fourteen 5.30 ten.20
RPP/HPPD P2M two .seventy six one.36
P3M three one.15 one.90
P5M 5 1.95 three.50
P8M eight three.twenty five.50
P14M 14 6.00 10.

T kind CZPT Timing Belt

Kind Pitch(mm) Tooth top(mm) Belt thickness(mm) Angle °
 MXL 2.032 .51 1.14 forty
XXL 3.a hundred seventy five .seventy six 1.fifty two 50
XL 5.080 1.27 2.30 50
L nine.525 1.ninety one three.60 forty
H 12.70 two.29 4.30 forty
XH 22.225 six.35 eleven.twenty 40
XXH 31.750 9.fifty three fifteen.70 forty
T2.5 two.5 .seven 1.thirty 40
T5 five one.two 2.twenty forty
T10 10 2.fifty 4.50 40
T20 twenty five.00 eight.00 forty
AT5 5 one.20 two.70 fifty
AT10 ten 2.50 5.00 50
AT20 twenty five.00 eight.00 50

Customer Recognize
1. The cost is matter to the firm’s genuine quotation! 
two. All merchandise are strictly inspected by CZPT business prior to cargo to ensure that they are transported with no difficulties. 
3. The pictures are all taken in variety, but there will be slight chromatic aberration thanks to mild and exhibit, and so forth. Make sure you comprehend. 
four. Before placing an get or ahead of getting, please seek advice from the product model, specifications, and so forth. so that we can validate regardless of whether the solution you need is in stock.

one. Could you offer the sample for screening?
RE: If you want sample, pls speak to us quickly. about the sample charge, we can seek advice from it.
two. How about the supply day?
RE: The supply date is depended on your amount. Modest get is about 5 days, big order 20 days.
3. Do you established the MOQ and give any discount?
RE:We do not established the MOQ.  But the a lot more you place, the more price reduction you will get.

In a twin pulley method, this ratio is equivalent to the reference diameter of the output pulley becoming increased than the reference diameter of the input pulley. It really is relatively simple as lengthy as you estimate the equipment ratios for a much more complicated pulley system step by stage. For multiple pulleys, the ratios of the different parts of the mechanism should be calculated to figure out the general ratio. In the photograph above, the reference diameter of the decrease generate wheel is 20mm, the radius of the higher wheel is 40mm, and the ratio is 2:1. 2 spins on the lower wheel and 1 spin on the higher wheel. The equipment ratio also tells us something about the torque of the method simply because the ratio of output torque to input torque is equivalent to the equipment ratio. Therefore, the torque used to the upper wheel is 2 times as fast, but the speed is halved.
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