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Solution Description

OFT TFL Coating Coloured Za, Zb, Ru, Yu, My, Mr, Zbs, S8m, Sp, Htdn CZPT -Top quality CZPT motive Timing Belts and CZPT Timing Belt

Particulars of Teflon Coating Coloured CZPT -Quality CZPT motive Timing Belts

Automotive Timing Belt
Materials: CR / HNBR
one.Prime Floor: wear-resistant chloroprene rubber compound.
2.Tension members: glass fiber.
3.Base: shear resistant chloroprene rubber compound.
four.Cover: nylon go over.

Characters of CZPT CZPT motive transmission belt
*1: CZPT -efficiency aspect and extreme tensile power
*2: Extraordinarily resistance on cold & warmth (-40ºC-120ºC), oil and ozone
*3: Excellent aging-resistance and abrasion-resistance
*4: Slip-totally free transmission and low sound

TDS of OFT CZPT motive transmission belt
Property of timing belt

Take a look at Merchandise Examination Outcome
Rigidity power (≥KN/twenty five.4mm) .59-ten.8 (in accordance to types)
Elongation (≤ % ) 4. (all sorts)
Loading (KN/25.4mm) .forty nine-8.sixty four (in accordance to sorts)

Apps of  OFT CZPT motive transmission belt
The timing belt is widely utilised in business office machines, computers, assignments, tape-documents, domestic appliances, equipment instruments, health-related gear, and so on.

Versions and sorts of Automotive Synchronous Timing Belt

Variety Pb(mm) Ht(mm) Hs(mm)
ZA 9.525 one.ninety one four.10
ZB 9.525 two.29 4.fifty
ZH nine.525 3.50 five.fifty
YH eight.000 3.04 5.20
ZR 9.525 three.20 5.40
YS 8.000 2.95 5.twenty
ZS 9.525 three.fifty three 5.70
ZAS 9.525 two.32 four.62
ZBS nine.525 2.80 2.eighty
FS8M eight.000 3.05 three.05
YU eight.000 3.eleven 3.11
MY eight.000 three.11 3.11
MR nine.525 three.fifty four 3.54
RU nine.525 three.56 three.56
ZLB 9.525 two.70 two.70
ZD nine.525 three.fifty 3.50


Industrial Timing belt CZPT nical data: 

Type Pitch Pb
Tooth height ht
Belt thickness 
HTD 2M two .75 one.36
3M 3 one.seventeen two.4
5M five 2.06 three.8
8M 8 three.36 six
14M 14 six.02 10
20M 20 eight.four 13.two
STPD/STS S2M two .76 1.36
S3M three 1.fourteen two.2
S4.5M four.five one.71 2.eighty one
S5M five 1.ninety one three.four
S8M eight three.05 5.three
S14M 14 5.3 10.2
RPP/HPPD 2M 2 .seventy six one.36
3M 3 one.15 one.nine
5M 5 1.ninety five three.five
8M 8 three.two 5.5
14M fourteen 6 10


Our Products: 

Firm Introduction
ZheJiang CZPT TRANSMISSION BELTS CO.LTD., which is more expanded from the present HangZhou Ophte
Rubber Co., Ltd., is geared up with far more refined engineering and correct devices. The manufacturing unit has been put into procedure since Aug. 2012, which covers an spot of 33,000 square meters. CZPT is a modernized
business, integrating CZPT , manufacturing, and advertising and marketing. 
Considering that its foundation in 2004, CZPT firm has taken technologies as the main, dedicated alone to the development and application of new materials and CZPT d technological innovation, and accomplished important results. The
good quality of its solution has been at the top level of the same market in CZPT . 

Workshop of CZPT
We have independently produced the HNBR coating timing belt, one-action vulcanized thickening coated PK belts
with several options in shades and CR wrapped belts with strengthened intensity.


Delivery details

OFT Transmission Belts primarily provide Aftermarkets, and more than ninety% of items are exported to CZPT ern
Europe, CZPT ern CZPT pe, North CZPT ica, Central, and South CZPT ica, CZPT ia, and many others.


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Lively Pulley: The “enter” pulley in a dual-pulley program. The shaft of this pulley is driven by one thing like a motor, a crank, or probably one more pulley in more substantial programs. This pulley controls the motion of the belt.
china shop Tfl Coating Colored Za, Zb, Ru, Yu, My, Mr, Zbs, S8m, Sp, Htdn High Quality Auto Timing Belts and Industrial Timing Belt manufacturers