china supplier Extra Wide Timing Synchronous Belt Vacuum Conveyor Belt for Paper Diaper Production Line manufacturers

Solution Description

                               Extra Broad Timing Synchronous belt  vacuum conveyor belt for paper diaper Creation Line 


Keywords transparent PU timing belt
Colour transparent
Content PU
Main Kevlar 
Pitch 5mm/8mm/10mm/20mm
Joint open end, countless & flex
Temperature  -10-90 ºC
Characteristic oil resistant, higher energy, wear resistant
Software diaper manufacturing line

Transparent PU Kevlar Main Timing Belt Screen

Manufacturing facility Manufacturing

Xuanze CZPT is a production of industrial conveyor belt, belt, to support tape and technology development of modern science and engineering enterprises, the business has a standard manufacturing workshop of 2,000 sq. meters, the firm employees 40 individuals, revenue personnel of five. With a lot more than ten industrial belt patents, CZPT company develops and generates seamless PU tapes to break the monopoly of the market in CZPT pe and the CZPT States. It has surpassed CZPT pe and the CZPT States in software. SIBR-5M synchronous silicone tape produced for the hygiene goods industry, silicone and timing belt with substantial bonding energy, no cracks, no dust. Crack Japan’s NITTA monopoly on the cleanliness merchandise market, CZPT company’s imports of silicone conveyor belt use resistance, anti-expansion drive, the positive aspects of higher visual detection accuracy.

Certification & Patents

Packing & delivery

Why Xuanze?

1.     Best merchandise good quality and competitive  price that you can find

2.     Focus on study and improvement of new item line collectively with you

3.     Large generation ability

four.     Possibility to make specialized conveyor belts


one. Is your business a manufacturer or a investing firm?
We are companies and have CZPT own manufacturing facility situated in HangZhou.
2. What is your lead time?
Usually it takes 2 to 6 days. The precise shipping time relies upon on the certain objects and demanded quantity.
3. What phrases does your organization use in CZPT worldwide trade?
We generally do organization in EXW works and door-to-doorway express . But if you have unique need, we can also do in your ease.
4. Can I get a sample first?
Of training course, you can get a sample 1st, I make positive you will reorder and be pleased with CZPT high quality sample items.
five. Does your organization supply CZPT service?
Certain. Not only colour, thickness, but also texture and design and style.

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china supplier Extra Wide Timing Synchronous Belt Vacuum Conveyor Belt for Paper Diaper Production Line manufacturers