china supplier Rubber Double-Sided Timing Belt, Da Type, Da 800-8m manufacturers

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Organization Introduction
Established in 1984, CZPT covers 45,000 square meters with in excess of 350 personnel. As a countrywide high-tech organization now, we handed ISO9001, TS16949. With countrywide lab and municipal innovation center, we set over 10 countrywide and investing standards. What’s more, annual output is a lot more than 10 million parts of belts and 600 thousand pieces of pulleys. Matched belts and pulleys make positive the life-span of products CZPT er.

Solution Description  
Trapezoidal Tooth & Curvilinear Tooth

The double-sided pitch synchronous belt and tooth profile is equivalent to a solitary tooth and tooth belt pitch.
Double tooth with tooth by the synchronous belt arrangement requirements can be divided into two varieties

DA-duplex synchronous belt tooth
a tooth with its two symmetrical arrangement, see Figure (a)

DB-duplex synchronous belt tooth
with its two locations with staggered teeth have been, see Figure (b) 

Kind W T Dimension Pitch Duration(mm) Tooth No.
D-XL .508 three.05 196XL-1970XL 497.84-5003.8 98-985
D-L .762 4.58 203L-1988L 514.35-5048.twenty five 54-530
D-H one.372 five.ninety five 670H-2500H 1701.8-6350 124-five hundred
D-XH two.794 fifteen.49 700XH-2275XH 1778.00-5778.five eighty-260
D-XXH three.048 22.eleven 700XXH-2625XXH 1778.00-6667.5 fifty six-210
D-T2.5 .sixty 2.00 T2.5×500-T2.5×5000 500.00-5000.00 two hundred-2000
D-T5 one.00 three.40 T5x500-T5x7000 five hundred.00-7000.00 a hundred-1400
D-T10 two.00 7.00 T10x500-T10x7050 five hundred.00-7050.00 fifty-705
D-T20 3.00 thirteen.00 T20x1700-T20x7000 1700.00-7000.00 eighty five-350
D-AT10 two.00 7.00 AT10x500-AT10x7000 five hundred.00-7000.00 50-seven hundred
HTD.DA-3M .760 3.10 501-3M-5571-3M 501.00-5571.00 167-1670
HTD.DA-5M 1.143 five.26 five hundred-5M-7000-5M five hundred.00-7000.00 50-1400
HTD.DA-8M 1.372 8.17 512-8M-6880-8M 512-6880 sixty four-860
HTD.DA-14M 2.80 fourteen.eighty four 1750-14M-6860-14M 1750-6860 one hundred twenty five-490
HTD.DA-S8M one.372 seven.48 S8M-512-S8M-6880 512-6880 sixty four-860

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Roller: A standard pulley has a slot for a belt, chain or cable. A reel is a broader pulley generally employed in cable techniques, making it possible for the cable to be wound about a number of occasions the diameter of the reel.
china supplier Rubber Double-Sided Timing Belt, Da Type, Da 800-8m manufacturers