china wholesaler Different Color Shield Timing Belt in Various Industry manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Solution Description

As the conveyor belt is a CZPT ized product, the value of the solution is only for reference, you should get in touch with the on-line CZPT er support for in depth provide.

Application range : 

Logistics transportation , industrial transmission 

The usage scope of sector such as :
weighty market ==> ceramic ,glass , stone , electronics , aluminum , 
light    market ==> tobacco, textile , logistics ,printing , packing, paper merchandise processing ,and many others

Features : 

— ageing proof   √
— drinking water proof   √
— highly resistant to oil    √
— Ozone resistant  √
— warmth resistant     √
— use resistant     √
— stop UVA       √

Functions : 

Common complex data :


                                                            PU / rubber timing belt 
Product identify timing belt 
Model number  T5,T10,T20,AT5,AT20, HTD 3M, HTD 5M, HTD8M, HTD14M,XL,L,H,XH
Material  Polyurethane / CZPT  
Enamel method  single sided enamel and double sided tooth
Demision (mm ) can be CZPT ized 
Joint  open up stop, circle , jointed circle
Surface  pure color lined with other colour defend ,Kevlar cord
Main reinforeced (selection) Fiberglass wire or metal wire
Processing insert rubber/punch/slot/sample/manual bar
functioning temperature -twenty five~110°c
Features  High strength ,easy to be melted joint 
Scope of use driving , transmission 


Design sort specification details 

one. CZPT timing belt 

         Drawing  Product number           Pb                   pitch (mm)         t                          Enamel peak (mm)          T                         Belt thickness(mm)
L nine.525 one.91 three.6
XL 5.08 1.27 2.thirty
H 2.29 four.3
XH 2.225 6.35 eleven.20

two. PU timing belt 

                 Drawing  Product number           Pb                   pitch (mm)         t                       Teeth top (mm)          T                         Belt thickness(mm)
T5 five one.two 2.2
T10 ten two.5 four.5
T20 20 5 8
AT5 five 1.2
AT10 10 two.five five
AT20 20 five 9

three. Round teeth timing belt 

                 Drawing  Enamel Code Product number           Pb                   pitch (mm)         t                       Teeth height (mm)          T                           Belt thickness(mm)
HTD 3M 3 1.22 two.4
5M five 2.06 3.8
8M eight 3.38 six
14M fourteen six.02 10
STD S5M 5 1.91 three.six
S8M 8 three.05 5.30
S14M 14 5.thirty 10.20

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Movable Pulley: A pulley that rotates and translates according to the movement of the pulley or belt. This is generally employed in blocking and deal with techniques, which I will clarify later.
china wholesaler Different Color Shield Timing Belt in Various Industry manufacturers