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Merchandise Description

1. Particular layout, the thinnest thickness of dough can be 5mm.

2. Using the special sprocket push, low noise, low expense, CZPT provider life.

3. Can make CZPT -adhere and significantly less starchy dough.

4. Equiped with stainless steel protection guard to make certain safety.

five. Can be folded together to save space, straightforward to move. 

6. Can be CZPT ized to be full stainless steel.

seven. Can be equiped with computerized flour duster.
Croissant, hand tear bread, egg tart and other pastries. It can also be employed for dough urgent.

Technological Paremeter

Product Machine Name Voltage electrical power rolling regulating assortment doing work dimensions(mm) packing measurement(mm) conveyer belt dimension(mm) max.
BDQ-450B 450 desktop dough sheeter 220V/
.55KW 1~35mm 1770*810*640 880*750*860 1700*430 4KG 120KG


.55KW one~35mm 2230*880*640 950*750*1090 2160*five hundred 4KG 129KG
BDQ-380C 380C dough sheeter 220V/
.55KW 1~35mm 2100*810*1050 930*760*1530 1700*360 3KG  170KG
BDQ-520C 520C dough sheeter 220V/
.55KW one~35mm 2740*870*1050 960*760*1730 2160*five hundred 5KG 190KG
BDQ-650C 650C dough sheeter 220V/
.75KW one~35mm 2980*1000*1320 1080*800*1850 2400*630 6.5KG  230KG
BDQ-520E 520E CZPT matic dough sheeter 220V/
.55KW 1~35mm 2740*950*1050 1571*800*1730 2160*five hundred 5KG 190KG
BDQ-650E 650E CZPT matic dough sheeter 220V/
.75KW 1~35mm 2980*1090*1320 1170*800*1850 2400*630 six.5KG  230KG
BDQ-520A 520A CZPT matic dough sheeter 220V/
.55KW one~35mm 2740*950*1100 1040*800*1730 2160*five hundred 5KG 195KG
BDQ-650A 650A CZPT matic dough sheeter 220V/
.75KW one~35mm 2940*1080*1220 1170*800*1850 2400*630 six.5KG   235KG
BDQ-650Z 650Z Full CZPT matic dough sheeter (stainless steel) 220V/
.75KW 1~35mm 3532*1075*1320 1165*840*1850 3000*630 6.5KG  335KG


Packing & Loading

Software & Certificate

Why select us?
one. We are a twenty many years outdated CZPT manufacturing facility.
    We have been CZPT izing high high quality bakery equipments for CZPT CZPT ers from Usa, EU.
    Our merchandise are of Usa & EU quality standard, and competitive price.

two. We are capable of CZPT izing CZPT merchandise in accordance to your demands.    

3. Our products are of 1 12 months guarantee, and technical assistance by means of daily life.

four. We have in excess of a hundred employees and twenty engineers.
    We can assure ending your get in a limited time.

five. We are an seasoned factory which offers high good quality goods and exceptional following support.
    We are also seeking forward to developing a CZPT expression acquire-get partnership with CZPT CZPT ers.

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HangZhou CZPT CZPT Products Co., Ltd.
Tackle: Self-Compiled CZPT No. 70, HangZhou Highway, Tanbu City, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. District, HangZhou, CZPT .

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china wholesaler Manual Table Top Reversible Dough Sheeter Belts Hot Sale manufacturers