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Solution Description

OFT HNBR TFL Coated Motor Driving Timing Belts

Details of CZPT automotive timing belt

Automotive Timing Belt
Substance: CR / HNBR
one.Prime Surface: wear resistant chloroprene rubber compound
2.Tension members: glass fiber
3.Base: shear resistant chloroprene rubber compound
four.Include: nylon go over

Figures of CZPT automotive timing belt
*1: CZPT performance issue and intense tensile power
*2: Extraordinarily resistance on cold & heat (-40ºC-120ºC), oil and ozone
*3: Outstanding ageing-resistance and abrasion-resistance
*4: Slip-free of charge transmission and lower noise

TDS of CZPT timing belt
Residence of timing belt

Examination Product Take a look at End result
Stress energy (≥KN/25.4mm) .59-ten.8 (in accordance to types)
Elongation (≤ % ) four. (all kinds)
Loading (KN/twenty five.4mm) .forty nine-8.sixty four (in accordance to types)

Apps of CZPT timing belt
Timing belt is commonly utilized in office equipment, personal computers, assignments, tape-information, domestic appliances, device tools, medical equipment, and so on.

Versions and varieties of CZPT timing belt

Variety Pb(mm) Ht(mm) Hs(mm)
ZA nine.525 one.91 four.10
ZB 9.525 two.29 four.50
ZH nine.525 three.fifty five.50
YH 8.000 3.04 5.twenty
ZR nine.525 three.20 5.forty
YS 8.000 2.ninety five five.twenty
ZS 9.525 3.53 five.70
ZAS 9.525 two.32 4.sixty two
ZBS 9.525 2.eighty 2.80
FS8M eight.000 3.05 three.05
YU 8.000 3.eleven three.11
MY eight.000 3.11 3.eleven
MR nine.525 three.54 three.fifty four
RU nine.525 3.fifty six 3.56
ZLB 9.525 two.70 two.70
ZD 9.525 three.50 3.50

OEM assistance
OFT firm supplies CZPT support, with knowledge of timing belt layout for Italian sports activities auto.

Description of CZPT company

ZheJiang CZPT TRANSMISSION BELTS CO.LTD., which is more expanded from the present HangZhou Ophte CZPT Co., Ltd., is equipped with far more sophisticated technological innovation and precise products. The factory has been place into procedure considering that Aug., 2012, which addresses an area of 33,000 sq. meters. CZPT is a modernized company, integrating CZPT , creation and advertising and marketing. 
Given that its basis in 2004, CZPT firm has taken engineering as the core, committed by itself to the advancement and software of new components and CZPT d engineering, and achieved significant results. The quality of its item has been in the top degree of the identical business in CZPT . 

Workshop of CZPT
We have independently developed the HNBR coating timing belt, one particular-stage vulcanized thickening coated PK belts with a lot of options in colours and CR wrapped belts with strengthened intensity.

Transport information
OFT Transmission Belts mostly serve Aftermarkets, and much more than 90% of goods are exported to CZPT ern CZPT pe, CZPT ern CZPT pe, North CZPT ica, Central and South CZPT ica, CZPT ia, and many others.

Free of charge samples provided by CZPT


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china wholesaler Synchronous Driving Timing Belt manufacturers