china wholesaler Timing Belt with Rubber& PVC Supergrip manufacturers

Item Description


one.Belt: PU, White-metal cord
2.Rubber: 1.5 – 12mm
three.Supergrip-top: 3 – 4mm
four.Colour: Red/ CZPT

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PU Timing Belt with Rubber and Surpergrip-Top  


  • Rubber – Purple / Dim red    PVC CZPT grip CZPT – CZPT / Red
  • Rubber :1.5 – 12mm, 45 – 55 A°   PVC CZPT grip CZPT  : 3 – 4mm,thirty – 40 A°
  • Belt-type: White colour / metal twine
  • Special coloration and internal wire are CZPT on request. 

Mechanical properties:                                                                                                                                     

1) Fine measurement stability,

two) Little pre-tension, 

3) Reduced sounds,

four) CZPT ly anti-wear ability,

five) CZPT -upkeep,

6) CZPT elasticity,

seven) The max linear velocity can reaches 80m/second,

8) CZPT precision linear positioning

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china wholesaler Timing Belt with Rubber& PVC Supergrip manufacturers